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Our Pride Athmallik

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PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY:-History says that the main temple was built by the King Kishore Chandra Deo of Kadmba destiny in the year 1936. Subsequently adjacent temples in the premises were built by other benevolent persons and devotees.

Mythologically, the place is related to the age of Tretaya in which the lord Rama along with Sita Devi and the younger brother Laxman worshiped Lord Shiva at this place in course of their fourteen years exile life. In the world of spiritualism the place is also viewed as the Adipitha of Lord Jagannath. But how and when this pitha became the Saivic place of worship is yet a topic of research among the spiritual fathers. Reach Deuljhari : Deuljhari is well communication by roads & railways from all over the state. It is 235 kms. from state capital Bhubaneswar, 85 kms. from the district head quarters Angul and 40 kms. from the national High way 55 connecting at Boinda.The nearest railway station is at Boinda that connects metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chenai.(G.A)

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